Product update: UFI Code Compliance

Product update: UFI Code Compliance 780 488 Detector Testers

With compliance a key value in the fire industry, it’s obviously a vital part of our business and the solutions we offer.  Regulations change frequently and we’ve recently made some updates to our product labelling to ensure compliance with new regulations announced by the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).

Unique Formula Identifier (UFI), is a 16 character alphanumeric code which will soon be required to appear on the labelling of all products classified as hazardous by the ECHA.

This new directive is designed to enable faster identification of product contents, with the UFI code used to detail the composition, product category and toxicological information of the product and enable faster reaction and treatment of potential harm.

UFI codes will become mandatory on relevant products across Europe from January 2021.

Going forward you will notice very little difference in our products, the only change will be the addition of the 16 character code placed on the product label.

The code does not change anything else about the product or require any additional knowledge – however, it is important that relevant products (in our case  smoke and CO aerosols and cartridges) contain this code in order to remain compliant.

All new product we ship from January 2021 will include the relevant UFI codes.

Product already in use and in the supply chain can continue to be used beyond the deadline.

Our specialist knowledge and attention to detail with regards to safety and compliance are vital to the approvals we have from all the leading detector manufacturers.

We hope this latest update provides the assurance you expect from us as market leader and allows you to purchase, supply and use these products with confidence. As well as complying with this new regulation, our aerosols continue to meet all relevant EU requirements and provide a safe and approved silicone free solution for functional testing.



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